The Pink Hat

I know what you’re thinking right now, it’s been a while. Sometimes life gets the best of you and you forget about your blog. I’m attempting to get back on my A-Game, and start posting here again. I’ve been uploading videos at least once a week on youtube, so if you don’t catch me here you can catch me there.

So, I have a current obsession with golf hats. It could be the simple fact that most days I’m so not ready to do my hair. Do you guys ever do a full face of makeup and you look at your hair like, oh you too huh?

I found this pink hat at a boutique in a mall.


It was pretty this day so my hair is all over the place. This dressI got at forever21. I loved the side gatherings, it really flatters my figure.


My adidas are my go to comfy shoes. I just hate that they are white sometimes, me and white tend to not get along sometimes. My backpack is from h&m, and my jacket is also from forever21.




Spring/ Music Festival Glittery Teal Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, I wanted to do a fun look for the spring season! Everyone is going to start wearing the brighter colors! So here’s something I came up with, enjoy!